Rajkiran Natarajan

Service items are very reasonably priced. Read below for why I think you should get your oil changed at this dealership if you have a Lexus or Toyota: SUV’s with the 2GR-FE engines (Lexus RX, Toyota Highlander) take 6.4 quarts of oil: –Taylor Lexus service dept. charges $50 for an oil change kit using genuine Toyota 0W20. –Bulk 0W20 from Costco is about the same price. —–Reasonable price. Presumably the Lexus kit comes with a washer?? Oil filter for the same engine which is a paper filter in a reusable canister:: –Taylor Lexus service dept. charges $7 –Seems on par with the Fram unit at Canadian Tire (which I don’t think comes with the o-ring) —–Reasonable price. Presumably Lexus kit comes with the plastic filter drain tool and o-ring?? 2 rather large wiper inserts: –Taylor Lexus replaced both inserts at $12 a piece (presumably OEM part). –Motomaster replacement (a substandard brand) is $12 at Canadian Tire. —–Reasonable price. The stock/OEM wipers are decent quality. Labour for all this: –$21 at Taylor Lexus, which is very reasonable considering how many quarts you have to pour into the engine and that this engine has a weird filter canister which is a chore to undo. —–At drive in oil places, labour is about $40 if you bring your own supplies. And on these engines I wouldn’t let a shade tree mechanic dare undo the reusable filter canister. On top of all this Taylor Lexus gives a reasonable attempt at cleaning the car and does a basic inspection. I can’t think of a reason why I should do oil changes on this engine at a drive-thru place in Regina or do it myself and waste time taking the old oil and filter to a recycling joint.