Maintaining your Lexus When Driving Less

Tips on Maintaining your Vehicle When Driving Less

Your Lexus was meant to be driven. However, under the current conditions, many people are driving less – which can result in mechanical issues. You can keep your Lexus running smoothly by following a few of the below recommendations.

Drive Time

  • Drive your Lexus at least once a week for a minimum of 20 minutes
  • This helps ensure that moving parts get lubricated, the battery stays charged, and your tires won’t develop flat spots

Exterior Protection

  • Wax and seal to protect your paint
  • If parking outside, consider a car cover

Brakes & Tires

  • Help minimize rust from forming on the brake rotors by taking a short drive at least once a week
  • Maintain proper tire pressure and periodically move your vehicle so that the tires won’t develop flat spots

Oil & Gas

  • Oil can deteriorate over time, especially with fluctuations in temperatures
  • Even if you are not driving as often, it is recommended to change your oil at minimum every twelve months
  • Keep your gas tank full to help prevent condensation build-up inside the tank, which can result in your engine not running optimally
  • Your Lexus Dealership also offers a gas additive to help prolong the life of your gas

Service Intervals

  • Even if you are not driving as much, it is important to keep to your recommended Service intervals – based on either time (months), or mileage (kms), whichever comes first
  • Rest assured our Lexus Academy Trained Technicians have the knowledge and expertise to help keep your Lexus in peak operating condition, so that it is ready to go when you are

Check for Pests

  • A parked car can become an inviting nesting site for smaller rodents like mice and squirrels, so check your engine for a nest before starting up