Lexus Hybrid Technology

self charging hybrid - main


Lexus Self-Charging Hybrids combine a technologically advanced gas engine with a powerful battery and electric motor(s), and the intelligence to automatically select the best combination of gas and electric based on your driving needs. Because the battery re-charges both as you drive and during braking, you never need to take time out to plug-in, and you’ll visit the gas pumps less often when compared to a conventionally powered Lexus.


Lexus Self-Charging Hybrids deliver an extraordinary blend of power and fuel efficiency; breathtaking acceleration and supremely quiet ride; engaging driving dynamics and blissful peace of mind.


1 – Starting from Stop

All Electric. Instant Torque.

Lexus Self-Charging Hybrids are ready when you are, without ever needing to plug-in to recharge - simply press the power button and go.  During initial take-off, the high-output battery and electric motor provide all the power you need - while enhancing fuel economy while lowering carbon emissions.


2. Accelerating

As you accelerate and require more power, the gas engine is automatically engaged.  The revolutionary Lexus Hybrid Drive optimizes power from both sources.  Leveraging the Electronic Continuously Variable Transmission, you'll experience instantaneous response and powerful acceleration with a seamless transition between gas and electric motor.


3. Cruising

At cruising speeds, the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) sends power to the drive wheels and an electric generator. Excess energy is used to help recharge the hybrid battery, while the ideal combination of gas and electric power helps you get more out of every fill-up


4. Regenerative Braking

Take your foot off the gas pedal, or press the brake pedal, and the regenerative braking system recovers some of the kinetic energy lost - conserving fuel and reducing emissions*. This energy is then converted to electricity that is then used to recharge the battery - so you never need to plug-in.

*Disclaimer: This is dependent on many operating conditions.

5. All Electric. Silent Operation.

When you come to a stop, the gas engine may switch off, saving fuel and minimizing emissions*. If the hybrid battery is running low, the gas engine knows to start, generating the energy required to charge the battery.  Press the accelerator, and the virtuous cycle begins anew.

*Disclaimer: The gas engine does not automatically switch off in all cases.  It is dependent on many operating conditions.